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Auto-Kamado™ Beer Can Turkey


  • 1
    1 12 to 15 pound turkey
  • 2
    4 TBSP of your favorite poultry rub
  • 3
    2 TBSP of a SPG mix
  • 4
    8 ounces of your favorite poultry injection
  • 5
    1 pint beer of your choice
  • 6
    1 bottle of spray butter

This Beer Can Turkey smoked on your Auto-Kamado is the best and juiciest way to enjoy a Turkey!

Cooking Directions:

  1. Remove the turkey from the bag, remove the neck, giblets, tail, and pop out the thermometer from the turkey.
  2. Mix injection and put it into the bird focusing mainly on the breast but hitting all other areas as well.
  3. On a wire rack in a foil pan start on the back of the turkey and apply half of the rubs.
  4. Flip the turkey over and apply the other half of the rubs then place the turkey back in the refrigerator for two hours.
  5. Light the AKORN® Auto-Kamado with two pieces of hickory wood and bring it up to 300 degrees.
  6. Remove the turkey from the refrigerator, open the beer and remove two ounces from the can then place the turkey carefully on the can so it is in a sitting position.
  7. Use some toothpicks or skewers to hold the wings to the breast and place the turkey in the center of the grate.
  8. After an hour of cooking, place a temperature probe in the thickest part of the breast of the turkey and baste or spray with butter.
  9. Let the turkey go until an internal temperature of 165 is reached in the breast which should be a total cook time of between 2.5 and 3 hours.
  10. Remove from the cooker, slice and serve.

Author: Steve Dotson
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