The Gravity Fed Difference: Why It’s Better

The Gravity Fed 980 is truly the charcoal grill perfected. In this blog, we’ll be breaking down exactly why.

Easy to Use

Simply choose your desired temperature using the Gravity 980’s built-in digital control panel or the Char-Griller App and trust in the power of the precision controller fan to do all the work. The grill’s included meat probe will allow you to monitor you cook from the palm of your hand on the Char-Griller App using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Fuel Efficiency

Both the Gravity Fed 980’s body and the charcoal hopper are insulated to control and retain heat for consistent cooking temperatures and amazing cooking results.

The precision controller fan in conjunction with the hopper will burn charcoal and manage air control to keep your temperature exactly where you want it.

Built to Last

The Gravity 980 is built to last for many cooks to come. The charcoal hopper, fire channel and flame shield are all porcelain coated to reduce wear and tear, increase durability and reduce flare ups respectively.

The Gravity 980 is also built with a sturdy, heavy steel construction, ensuring an easy, satisfying and long-lasting charcoal cooking experience!

For more information on the Gravity Fed 980, visit the product page here.