Guide to Seasoning Oil for your Flat Iron®

Though the Flat Iron provides a different style of cooking than traditional grilling, it still requires the same amount of TLC as any other grill or smoker. When you unbox it, before firing it up for your first cook, be sure to season it appropriately. It will protect the steel flat top for many cooks to come, ensuring it continues to improve over time for food that gets better and better.

Typically for the Flat Iron®, we recommend flaxseed oil for seasoning because of its low smoke point, making it ideal for frequent coats during the seasoning process.

There are many oils that will serve the same purpose and protect your griddle for future cooks. No matter which one you choose, each cook will further season the flat top, some just begin to smoke before others.

Depending on which process you choose, applying coats more frequently or over time will be largely dependent on the smoke point of your oil of choice.

For oils with higher smoke points, you might consider peanut, canola, grapeseed, canola, corn, oil and more. Thicker oils such as these may also be better for folks living in natural, wetter/humid areas may consider using a thicker oil to serve as greater protection against rusting,etc.

Oils with lower smoke points that will no doubt require it to be seasoned more frequently may be preferential for some. If that’s the case, look for oils like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or shortening like Crisco.

We also have a particular affinity for bacon grease. Cook up a pound or so of bacon on the Flat Iron® Gas Griddle and make sure to spread the grease all over the cooktop as you are cleaning it up. Like with the other oils, we recommend seasoning five to six times for the best results.

While the first seasoning is important, continued seasoning makes the difference. After cleaning your griddle after your cook, make sure to coat the surface with a thin layer of oil before you put it away for an extra barrier of protection.