Kamado Grills: Why They’re A Wise Investment

If you've never heard of kamado grills, more specifically, the Char-Griller AKORN, now's the time to further your education. If you know what they are but have never had the pleasure of cooking with one, then it's past time you learned what you've been missing. Here's why you should consider trying your hand at kamado grilling.

Understanding the Kamado Difference

A kamado grill is an egg-shaped charcoal cooking unit, typically with a ceramic or in the case of the AKORN, steel construction. This allows for all the benefits of Kamado cooking at a much lower cost. The earliest models of Kamado cookers date back nearly 4,000 years, but as times have progressed, they've become slightly more sophisticated. The word "kamado" comes from a Japanese term, literally meaning "the place for the cauldron." Other translations simply refer to the kamado as a "stove" or "place to cook."

If you've seen a Kamado grill in action, you may have noticed that the lid remains fully closed during cooking. This is off-putting to many American grillers, who are used to keeping a close eye on their work. However, the closed lid aids with heat retention and is essential to the end result. The heat and moisture are allowed to circulate within the cooking chamber, thereby permeating the ingredients with smoky flavors and a succulent texture.

Best Reasons to Buy a Kamado Grill


While kamado grills don't come cheaply, they are built to withstand long years of use.

Steel kamado grills like the AKORN offer efficiency and durability at a lower price. Unlike the heavy and fragile ceramic models—which tend to crack when they’re set down too hard—the steel versions can be moved around the yard or patio with ease.

The truth of the matter is, if you buy a kamado grill, you might never have to purchase another grill again. You might scoff at this claim, but once you've tasted the results, you'll likely be singing a different tune.


These grills are capable of performing across a wide range of cooking applications, from smoking to grilling to char-broiling. Whether you're browning up a few bratwursts for the ball game or preparing a smoked brisket for a dinner with extended family, your Kamado will have you covered. You can prepare several menu items at once, all without moving from the grill. Best of all, because the process is so hands-off, you'll also have plenty of time for entertaining.

Sizing Options

Some other grill types are overly large, even the models that are branded as travel-sized units. It's possible to buy a small Kamado grill, like the AKORN Jr., that can accommodate just one or two people, without taking up too much room on the deck or patio. It’s also perfect for traveling to a tailgate or to the campsite. On the other hand, if you're looking for a larger model, it's just as easy to find.

Even Cooking

As we mentioned, the closed lid keeps the heat from escaping, resulting in food that's evenly cooked and superbly flavored. Your ingredients will be imbued with that smoky taste that's essential to a successfully grilled meal. As an added bonus, the heat retention means that you'll end up spending less money on fuel, even if you grill on a regular basis.

Eye Appeal

Kamado grills stand out from the crowd. Stylish and elegant design means that they are highly likely to not only cook delicious food, but also become a main conversation point in your backyard.

AKORN Features We Love


The AKORN uses heavy-duty steel in its construction. The triple-walled construction allows the cooking chamber to retain more heat. Additionally, the grilling grates are made of cast iron, which is both durable and easy to clean.

Heatproof handles

You won't have to worry about heat transferring to the handles of the grill, making it easier to monitor you cook and make sure your food is cooking how you want it.


The vents and dampers are made of high-quality metal and don't stick when you attempt to turn them. The fully adjustable vents give you even more control over the grill’s cooking temperature.

Temperature gauge

The AKORN has a temperature range of 200 to 750 degrees, so you'll be able to tell how hot the fire is without raising the lid.


These are heavy, sturdy, and level when the unit is placed on a flat surface.


The fuel chamber is positioned on the bottom, with the grill grates placed above it. The fuel chamber is easy to access.


The AKORN offers plenty of shelf space for your condiments and serving platters. The shelves are even equipped with hooks that can be used to hold grilling tools when they’re not in use.

In closing, the AKORN is well worth the expense. These units pay for themselves many times over in terms of flavor and convenience, not to mention endurance. There's a reason the technique has survived for so many years: Kamado grilling represents the pinnacle of the outdoor cooking experience. Once you’ve tried it for yourself, you’re sure to understand.

Blog written by Darren Wayland of BBQ Host.