How to Use the Egg Ring on the Griddle

Step your breakfast game up and make eggs that'll put your local diner to shame. Say hello to Egg Rings for the perfect shape and cook every time.


Just one component of the Flat Iron™ Breakfast Kit, the Egg Rings are a morning essential. They're perfect for whipping up flawless eggs whether you prefer sunny side up or fried. They'll not only help you get that coveted circle shape, but also help you to better organize the space on your griddle, preventing the unpredictability of cracked eggs interfering with your cook.


The rings have foldable handles, so it is easy to hand wash and protects your hands from the hot surface when removing it from your flat top.


How to Use It:


  1. Heat your Flat Iron® to medium heat and place egg rings on the surface.
  2. Allow the egg rings to gradually pre-heat as it will ensure your egg whites immediately form and don't spill out from the sides.
  3. Either mix your eggs before pouring into the rings or simply crack one egg into each ring. You can add any cheese or seasonings now or save that for after they are finished.
  4. Cook for 5-10 minutes, depending on your preference.
  5. Remove egg rings and serve immediately.


The egg rings have many alternative uses to bring some life to your mornings.

  • Use them for perfectly round pancakes. Coupled with the Batter Dispenser, amazing breakfast will be nearly effortless.
  • Use them to make precisely stacked breakfast sandwiches. Fast food drive thrus will be a thing of the past.
  • Use them for mini omelets or frittatas. Wow your guests with your beautiful plating.
  • Use them to shape out burger patties, whether it be ground beef or even veggies


We're sure there are many more ways to make use of the Egg Rings. How will you use yours, #TeamCharGriller?


Assumption based on Blackstone's version