How to Start the Gravity 980 Charcoal Grill

The Gravity 980 is changing the charcoal grilling game. Getting your charcoal grill fired up is easier than ever and, in this blog, we’re showing you exactly how to get it started.

First things first, any time you want to begin cooking with your Gravity 980, always remove the fire shutter.

After removing the fire shutter, open the rear adjustable damper, the hopper lid, ash door and the fan cover at the bottom of the charcoal hopper.

Next, fill the hopper with charcoal, using as much as necessary for your specific cook. Check the FAQs or the Gravity manual for more information on suggested charcoal amounts. The hopper can hold 16 lbs. of charcoal briquettes and 7 lbs. of lump charcoal. The grill consumes approx. 1 pound of briquettes per hour operating at 250°F and 4 pounds per hour operating at 600°F.

Now, it’s time to get it fired up!

Insert a food-safe fire starter into the slot at the bottom of the hopper’s charcoal grate. Light it and allow it to ignite the charcoal for 3-5 minutes.

Once the charcoal is lit, close and latch both the hopper lid and the ash door, leaving the fan cover open. The fan is essential for temperature control on the Gravity Fed 980. Ensure the main grill lid is closed in order to achieve and maintain your desired temperature before your cook. (Do not use gasoline, kerosene, lighter fluid, alcohol or any similar products. Doing so can lead to an explosion or severe injury.)

Turn on the controller and then use the control panel to set your desired temperature.

To use the control panel:

  1. Push the power button for 1 second to turn it on.
  2. Rotate the dial to set desired temperature for your cook.
  3. Push the dial once more to confirm your set temperature.

The grill fan will pull in air to automatically accomplish your desired grill temperature. The Gravity 980 can cook between 200°F for the ultimate low n’ slow experience and 600°F for the perfect sear.

Note: The temperature on the controller will default to 500 degrees for safety reasons. You can keep the lid open to sear but we do not recommend keeping it open for long periods of time.

Once your grill reaches its desired temperature, begin your cook monitoring your food’s internal temperature with the Gravity’s included meat probe. Continue to check and monitor the grill temperature using the control panel or on the Char-Griller app.