How to Start the Flat Iron® Griddle

Getting your Flat Iron Griddle started is very easy and only takes a few minutes. Your griddle is operated with a standard 20 pound LP Propane Tank. You can find these tanks at most hardware stores, gas stations and grocery stores.

Your griddle includes an easy to use propane tank support bracket and secure wire. This hold the tank up off the ground making your griddle easy to move around. Secure the propane tank using the support and the wire before attaching the regulator hose.

Once the tank is secured to the griddle, hook up the propane tank to the regulator ensuring that it is screwed on completely.

How to Start the Griddle

Once the propane tank is secured and the hose is screwed on, turn the knob on the propane tank to start to flow of gas. Turn all the knobs to high and press the ignitor button. You should hear three to five clicks and then the burners will ignite.

After the burners are lit, turn all the knobs to medium high to preheat your griddle. Never preheat your griddle on high as it can damage the griddle surface over time.

Using the Griddle

If you are adding oil to your griddle for cooking, don’t add it until right before you are ready to start adding food. This will avoid grease fires and splatters that can result from adding oil too soon.

The knobs on your Flat Iron control each of the four burners and can be adjusted independently to create 4 different cooking zones. The knobs rotate 180 degrees for maximum control over each zone on your griddle.

Different temperature zones are good for cooking different kinds of food. High temperature is great for steak searing, burgers, and chicken. Medium is ideal for eggs, pancakes, and bacon, rice and veggies Finally, low is best for buns, tortillas and keeping things warm.

The Char-Griller Flat Iron Gas Griddle is the tool you need to cook a wide variety of meals for any time of the day. Fast to heat up and easy to use, it’s a great addition to your outdoor kitchen arsenal.