How to Grill on the AKORN® Auto-Kamado™ Charcoal Grill

The AKORN Auto-Kamado Charcoal Grill is the perfect grill for any occasion with its 18 burger capacity. Get ready for your next BBQ with these few steps.

How to Light the AKORN Auto-Kamado

  1. Open the lid, remove the cooking grates and heat deflector.
  2. Stack lump charcoal into a pyramid in the center of the fire grate.
  3. Place 1-2 fire starters near the bottom om of the pile and cover with 2-3 lbs. of charcoal.
  4. Open the fan cover.
  5. Without changing the placement from Step 2, ignite the fire starter. Leave the lid open and allow 3-5 minutes for the fire starter to begin igniting the coals.
  6. If desired, place the heat deflector. Reinsert grates, close the lid and ensure the power cord is securely plugged into a GFCI Outlet.
  7. Press the Power button for one second to turn on the controller.
  8. Press the Grill Temperature button, turn dial to desired temperature, and press dial to select. Grill between 255-350 degrees.
  9. The controller will display a suggested damper setting for 5 seconds, adjust as needed. Once temperature is set the fan will begin working to automatically controlling your grill temperature.
  10. You may begin to cook by placing food directly onto the cooking grates.

Set the Temperature on the AKORN Auto-Kamado

Open the Char-Griller App.
1. A code will appear on the controller display screen, enter the code when requested by the Char-Griller App.
2. On the controller, the flashing phone icon will change to solid, verifying mobile device pairing with the controller.
3. Press the Set Temp button. Slide the dot around the dial until the desired temperature is displayed. Press confirm.


Manually Press Grill Temperature Button

1. Adjust desired temperature target by rotating Control Knob (max 700°F)

2. Press Control Knob to select desired grill temperature target

3. Suggested Damper setting will blink for 5 seconds, set damper notch to the corresponding number


Set the Meat Probe Temperature on the AKORN Auto-Kamado

1. Insert Meat Probe Connector into Probe Jack (Controller can accommodate up to 2 meat probes)

2. Press Meat Probe Temperature Button

3. Adjust desired internal meat temperature by rotating Control Knob (max 225°F)

4. Press Control Knob to select desired temperature

5. Press Meat Probe Button to switch between Probes 1 & 2

6. Alarm will sound when internal temperature is reached (press any button to stop alarm)

Set the Timer on the AKORN Auto-Kamado

1. Press Timer Button

2. Adjust desired timer duration by rotating Control Knob

NOTE: Timer will change in 5-minute increments, shorter increments are available by using the Char-Griller App

3. Press Control Knob to select desired time

4. Alarm will sound when timer completes (press any button to stop alarm


NOTE: Timer will change in 5-minute increments, shorter increments are available by using the Char-Griller App

NOTE: Meat Probe should not be used to measure Ambient Air temperature in the grill and and will be permanently damaged if it exceeds 250°F.

NOTE: Wood chips or chunks may be used in addition to charcoal to add smoke flavor as desired.

NOTE: After the grill has reached the desired temperature, sprinkle two handfuls of soaked wood chips ( pre-soaked for 35 minutes) or chunks over the lit charcoals.

NOTE: Opening the smoking chamber will extend cooking time.