How to Find the Best Local Ingredients

The best ingredients make the best meals. When you grill for your family and friends, you want to cook them a meal they’ll never forget.

One of Char-Griller HQs favorite ways to do that is use locally sourced meat and produce whenever possible. The food takes less time to get from the field to your kitchen so you know that it’s as fresh as possible. An added bonus? You get to support your local farms and neighbors!

Here are some great places to find local ingredients in your own city.

Farmer’s Markets

The start of summer means the beginning of farmer’s market season. Almost every town has one nowadays. Packed with local vendors selling everything from corn on the cob and local honey to fresh strawberries and bread, farmer’s markets are a great place to start if you are looking for more local food to cook.

Crop Shares

Increasingly popular in larger cities, crop shares are a great way to not only save money on food, but also try new and interesting things that you might never pick up in the grocery store. A quick Google search for “CSAs” or “crop shares near me” will help you find the best options available in your town. A lot of them even have custom plans so you can choose what you get in your bag or box each week.

Farm Stands

Much like farmer’s markets, farm stands are a great way to get food from your local community. A lot of farms will start farm and roadside stands as soon as they get their first harvest in. It’s a great way to get to know your local farmers and support your community.

Grocery Stores

Even big grocery store and supermarket chains are getting into sourcing from local farms. Check for the “Local” stickers on the produce signs or in the meat cases. Often times, the stores will even tell you exactly where in your area the food came from. Looking for these signs is a great way to support and shop local farms as you fill your cart with your everyday essentials.

Grow a Garden

It doesn’t get more local than a garden plot in your own backyard and it’s not too late! Spring is just barely here so you still have some time to start a garden and grown herbs, fruits, and vegetables. A great way to bond as a family and teach kids responsibility, a garden is a great way to eat more local food and enjoy your handiwork.

What are some of the hidden local gems in your community? Give them a shout out in the comments below!