How-To Use and Troubleshoot the Char-Griller® App

If you want to control you Gravity 980 or AKORN® Auto-Kamado™ controller through the app, you'll need to download the Char-Griller app to your smart device. Your manual, our website FAQ, and this blog have all the information you need to connect and troubleshoot the app. If you have any other issues or questions about the app, please reach out to our team at using the chat box in the lower right corner.

Downloading the App

First, you'll need to download the Char-Griller app to your phone or tablet from your device's app store (Apple or Google Play).

For information on how to pair your smart device to your grill, please visit the appropriate page for your grill type. Gravity 980: Here. Auto-Kamado: Here.

Can Multiple Devices Connect to the Controller at the Same Time?

No, only one device can connect at a time. If you set up multiple devices to connect to the controller, only one will be allowed.

I Have Multiple Devices Paired. How Can I Select the Device I Want to Use Today?

If you want to use a specific mobile device, you may:

1) Unpair the device you don’t want to use,

2) Turn the Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth radio off,

3) OR move it out of range.

Once the device you want to use is paired, it will continue to operate the grill from the app as long as it remains in range. If the device you want to use becomes unpaired, the grill may attempt to pair to a previously used device if one is found within range.

Can I Reset my Sessions for the Day in the Session Tab?

No, at this time the app cannot reset sessions for the day.

Why Does the App Keep Disconnecting?

Please follow the procedure below:

1) Verify if you have enabled Wi-Fi backup, if not, follow the steps to enable.

2) If app is currently using Wi-Fi, the signal maybe weak, try switching over to Bluetooth.

3) If Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are both connected, verify if the controller antenna is fully seated on the controller and pointed towards the ground. The antenna is located on the back of the controller and visible from under the side shelf.

How Do I Set the Timer?

Press the Set timer button. Use the dial to set the temperature OR press the 00:00 number to bring up the keyboard to manually set timer. To clear the timer or reset it, press the Timer icon on the center of the dial.

How Do I Set the Main Temperature?

Press the Set Temp button. Slide the dot around the dial until the desired temperature is displayed. Press confirm.

How Do I Set the Target Temperature for my Meat Probe?

Press Set Temp on the Temp Probe location that the meat probe is plugged into.

Top port is Probe 1, bottom port is Probe 2.

Slide the dot around the dial until the desired temperature is displayed. Press confirm.

What Does the Green Check Mark Next to the Door Mean?

This shows the hopper and ash doors are closed and the grill is ready to use.

What Does the "X" Mark Next to the Door Mean?

The door switch on the hopper door or ash pan door is disengaged. Check the doors to make sure they are firmly closed and latched.

What Does the "A" Next to the Fan Mean?

The fan is set to Automatic and is intended for future enhancements to products and/or app.