Essential Fall Grill Tune-Up

Whether you’ll be storing your grill until next year or grilling through the fall and winter months, your grill still may require periodic tune-ups to keep the smoke rolling, especially after a summer of endless sessions in the pit. In this blog, we’ll be giving you some tips to tune-up your Char-Griller.

Wash & Clean

What better time to give your grill a nice deep clean than after a long and successful grilling season? Whether you’re for or against soap and water on your grill, it’s a good idea to give it a good cleaning at least once per year. At the bare minimum, always ensure the grease pan is well-scraped out and all the ash is removed, also wiping any dust and dirt to keep your Char-Griller in fighting shape. The last thing you’d want is for an animal or insects to inhabit your grill (trust us, it’s happened!), so take our word and keep it as clean as possible!

When you’re tuning your grill up, whether it might be for storage for the next grilling season or to keep it fired up through the colder months, a clean grill is the perfect clean slate.


Whether you’ve opted to give your grill a complete wash or you’ve been cooking on the same seasoning all summer long, now is the perfect time to give your grates and the rest of your grill a nice fresh coat of seasoning.

To get the longest life out of your cast iron grates, we recommend regularly seasoning them for nonstick convenience every cook, perfect grill marks and that unforgettable char taste. Without frequent seasoning, your grates will be susceptible to rust and weakening over time, sacrificing the quality of your cooking experience as a whole.

Want to learn more about caring for your cast iron grates? Visit our blog post here while we break down all the details.

Replacement Parts

Keep your Char-Griller cooking like new. Never let a missing screw or broken wheel stop you.

Thoroughly analyze your grill, ensuring everything is in tip-top shape. If not, you can find any replacement part you need on our

To easily find a replacement part for your grill, simply visit the product page for your Char-Griller on our site and there will be a link to purchase parts for that specific grill from new handles to nuts and bolts. Or, check out our replacement part links organized by category below.