Common AKORN® Auto-Kamado™ Troubleshooting Tips

Common AKORN Auto-Kamado Troubleshooting Tips

With any new technology, we know to expect some new challenges. Don't worry, we have an easy troubleshoot section to help fix easy problems. Here are your most commonly asked questions.

Why is my grill not turning on?


  • Press the power button on the controller to verify, if controller will not turn on see next answer.
  • Verify controller is plugged into an outlet and that the power cord is securely plugged into the digital controller wiring harness.
  • Verify power at the electrical outlet. If the power cord is connected to a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter), check and reset if necessary.
  • If power is working at the outlet, contact Char-Griller Customer Service use the chat box in the lower right corner.

Why is fan not running?


  • The Grill temperature has reached its temperature goal.
  • The fan has been disconnected from the controller.
  • The fan has been disconnected from wiring harness.

Why is the controller temperature not reading correctly?


  • Check if the main Heat Sensor inside the grill is dirty, clean if necessary.
  • Check that the main Heat Sensor is fully plugged in.
  • Digital controller has a built-in algorithm that will approximate the grill temperature at the center of the grill grates not at heat sensor. (This may vary due to various conditions such as using the Heat Deflector, Fuel type, Weather conditions, etc.)

Why is the temperature of my grill fluctuating?


  • Temperature fluctuations are normal. Any significant fluctuation could be the result of wind, air temperature, improper use, or lack of grill maintenance.
  • If temperature overshoots the desired setting, pause the controller and open the grill lid to allow temperatures to decrease.

Why is my grill slow to heat up?


  • Allow 20-30 minutes for temperatures to equalize.
  • Weather conditions are humid or wet.
  • Charcoal has been used before.
  • Check if Grill Lid is open.
  • Check if Fan is running.

Why is there excessive smoke leaking from the lid?


  • Check if the Lid is fully closed and the latch is locked.
  • Check the Lid gasket for any damage.>

Why is the app constantly showing "connection lost" or "offline"?


  • Wi-Fi signal could be weak. Try moving the grill closer to the router or the router closer to the grill, extending your wireless network, or connect to Bluetooth.
  • Angle the Antenna on the back of the controller to point at the ground.
  • Try turning your Grill controller off and on.
  • Try re-pairing your grill with your WiFi Network or Bluetooth device.



  • Check the Connection of the main Heat Sensor. Unplug the Connection, check the pins to make sure no pins are bend, and then reconnect.
  • Clean the Sensor with a cloth if excessively dirty.
  • If error code persists, you may need to replace your Heat Sensor. For assistance, contact Char-Griller Customer Service using the chat box in the lower right corner.



  • Grill Temperature has exceeded 750°F.
  • Unplug Grill and Open the lid to cool down.
  • Check for Cause of the overheat: Fan malfunction or grease fire.
  • Plug Grill in to clear message.



  • Check the connection of the fan. Unplug the fan connector and the power connector.
  • Check the fan and wiring for any damage. If the fan is damaged contact Customer Service using the chat box in the lower right corner. You may need to replace your Fan.
  • If fan is not damaged, plug the connection back in and the power connector. Power on the grill to reset the Error code. If the Error code returns, contact Customer Service using the chat box in the lower right corner. You may need to replace your Controller.



  • Incorrect Voltage detected if using the wrong power adapter. Check if using the supplied power adapter or for malfunction of power adapter.
  • If error code persists, you may need to replace your Power Supply. Contact Char-Griller Customer Service for assistance.

Char-Griller takes great pride in our customer service. If you are having further issues past these troubleshoot questions, please reach out to customer service. You can reach them using the chat box in the lower right corner.