AKORN® Auto-Kamado™ Deep Cleaning

Char-Griller Ambassador, Steve Dotson of @cookoutcoach, shares how to deep clean your AKORN Auto-Kamado.

It is that time of year again where some folks are ready to winterize their grills and smokers, and even if you’re not like I’m not, it's still a good idea to go ahead and give them a deep clean. I’ve been doing a lot of low and slow cooking on my Auto-Kamado recently and boy has it gotten dirty on the inside. Luckily this cooker is really easy to clean so we’ll just get right into it. With everything on the inside of this cooker other than the cooking grate being porcelain enamel coated any build up creosote, gunk, or grease comes off with minimal force. I like to just take a sheet of aluminum foil and ball it up to use as the abrasive to knock anything off the inside of my cooker. If you need a little more force I recommend getting a plastic putty knife to chip away at anything that is really stuck on. Once you remove the inner charcoal basket, give the entire inside of the cooker a rub down with that aluminum foil ball knocking all of the debris into the ash pan including any residue on your heat deflector. After that it's as simple as dump your ash pan and put this cooker back together. In the land of grills it really doesn’t get much easier than that so make sure you give your cooker a good cleaning and let me know if you have any questions while you’re taking care of that normal maintenance.