How to Smoke on the Flavor Pro™

Smoking on a gas grill? You read that right. With the Flavor Pro, smoking on a gas grill is quick and easy thanks to the Flavor Drawer.

In this blog, we’re going to cover how to smoke in the Flavor Pro.

Thanks to the innovative Flavor Drawer, all you really have to do to smoke on your grill is pick your food and pick the wood you want to use. We recommend using wood chunks or wood logs for the best results.

You can also use charcoal for this process as well! Just follow the same process. Charcoal can give you great flavor but we recommend using wood for that traditional smokehouse flavor that you know and love from BBQ.

We usually prefer wood logs to wood chips because burn longer so they are the best bet for longer smokes. Learn more about fuel types for the Flavor Drawer in this blog.

To set up for smoking in the Flavor Pro, place a log or your wood chunks (or charcoal) in the rightmost or leftmost Wood Product Zone. Turn the burner under your wood to high and ignite. Allow your wood or charcoal to fully ignite. For the wood, you want it smoldering (no live fire) and for the charcoal you want it fully ashed over.

Turn off the burner and using your grilling glove, adjust the smokestacks for optimal air and smoke flow.

The key is to go low and slow for smoking and the optimal temperature is between 250 and 275 degrees.

Place your meat that you are smoking on the side of the grill furthest from the wood or coals and that’s it! Keep an eye on the temperature and add fuel as needed and you’re well on your way to authentic BBQ flavor quickly and easily!

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