Why You Need a Dual Fuel Grill

Did you know that Char-Griller is the original inventor of the Dual Fuel Grill? No, seriously. We made the Duo™ 5050 before anyone had ever thought of the idea.

While charcoal grilling is our bread and butter, we can't deny the convenience of gas grills. We knew there had to be a better solution than having two grills.

Always innovating, the team at Char-Griller decided to do something drastically different than our competitors were doing. We decided we wanted to put a gas grill and a charcoal grill together in one unit. Thus, the dual fuel was born.

Our first dual fuel was the Char-Griller Duo 5050 and have since added five more Dual Fuels to our line-up.

If you have been looking for a new grill and have been eyeing the Dual Fuel models, here's how to know If you need one.

1. You want to cook on the weeknights and the weekends.

Dual Fuel grills are perfect for people and families that want to grill all week. The gas side is perfect for whipping up some fast food for a weeknight dinner and the charcoal side gives you the freedom to cook low and slow on the weekends.

2. You want the option to smoke

If you are looking for an all in one grill solution that lets you smoke, Dual Fuels are what you have been searching for. You can add a Side Fire Box to all of the Char-Griller Dual Fuel models. Looking for an even easier solution? One of our models, the Texas Trio®, already comes with a Side Fire Box built in!

3. You like using your grill in multiple different ways

You can cook a whole meal on the Dual Fuel grills. Between the gas side, charcoal side, side burner and/or Side Fire Box, you can easily never step food in the kitchen and cook all your main and side dishes on a Dual Fuel.

A great Dual Fuel hack, cook your food on the charcoal side and use the gas side to keep everything warm before dinner.

4. You want to make THE BEST steaks

That's right, we said it. The Char-Griller Dual Fuels make the best steaks. Use indirect heat on the charcoal side to perfectly smoke your steak and then give it a quick sear on the gas side for the perfect reverse seared steak.

Still on the fence? Check out all our Dual Fuel Models here.