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Weekend hobby turned into my favorite activity. Once I started BBQing in 2019, I knew it was something I actually enjoyed. The reaction from friends, family and co-workers to my food is always priceless. There’s also something so satisfying knowing that you put so much time and effort into cooking something and it comes out amazing. Now my passion is to create amazing recipes to show people that it doesn’t require the fanciest cookers, the best products or the finest cuts of meat. It can all be done in your backyard! Char-griller has given me an amazing opportunity to showcase that. Further down the road I would love to experiment with creating my own products such as sauces and rubs. 

St. Petersburg, Florida

Char-Griller of Choice:
Competition Pro

Favorite Dish to Grill:
Pork's Ribs & Rib roast

Fun Fact:
I could talk about alien conspiracy theories for hours.

Favorite Activity:
If I’m not cooking I’m craft brewery hopping


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