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I have always had a love for food but was never really good at BBQ. I was afraid to try new things and usually burnt or dried out everything I cooked. In 2018 I bought my first Char-Griller Duo 50-50 (which I still have to this day). Right away I fell in love with the grill and how amazingly easy it was to cook on it. I began to watch videos, ask questions, and do my own research. Then I learned how to smoke foods by adding the fire box to the Duo. Game changer. I picked up a “BBQ mentor” along the way who spent the time to show me what good BBQ was – not just seasonings, but also how the meats are cooked. In March of 2019 I started Higher Grilling BBQ as a BBQ competition team. In April we had our first competition and I FAILED miserably. It was so bad that I almost gave up BBQ until my mentor pushed me forward and inspired me to keep going. I did. I began to push myself to learn, try new foods and techniques and that ignited my passion for BBQing. In June of 2019 we secured our first top 3 prize, taking 3rd for ribs and again in December, placing 3rd. As my passion grows (and my Char-Griller arsenal) so does my fire to teach others (by becoming a mentor myself) to learn great BBQ and inspire them to get out and cook!

Bakersfield, CA

Char-Griller of Choice:
My Restored Akorn Kamado Grill

Favorite Dish to Grill:
Smoked Fajitas or Anything Chicken

Fun Fact:
99% of my BBQ dishes are healthy and Keto friendly

Favorite Activity:
Fishing with my boys; sharing my passion of BBQ (whether that is teaching my kiddos how to BBQ or participating in a competition or just cooking dinner for friends and family).

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