Mark Ashby

- Grilling So Rare, It's Well Done' -

I have always loved food and the science behind cooking. As I grew in my techniques, I found that cooking over an open flame had a different feeling and taste. There is something beautiful and primitive about starting a fire and cooking great food. 
In 2017, I began to document my grilling experience and started the online blog of “Grill Mark Co.” I started to document my journey on my Char-Griller AKORN Kamado Charcoal Grill. As everyone, I began with simple cooks that expanded and experimented with more difficult and tasty foods. 
My ultimate BBQ goal is to create a food experience that causes others to try to become their own #grillionaire. My motto for grilling and BBQ is simple, “Grilling so rare, it’s well done.”™
Every night, as my family and I gather around the table to eat, I love to see the expressions on their faces as they try something new. I use my Char-Griller arsenal of grills four to five times a week! Join me, Char-Griller, and grilling fans alike on our journey of great food, good fellowship, and maintaining your #grillionaire status! 

Current City: Spartanburg, SC Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Char-Griller of Choice:
Char-Griller AKORN

Favorite Dish to Grill:
ANY Pork Product

Fun Fact:
I cook more on my grill outdoors than any other appliance in my house.

Favorite Activity:
Being a husband, father, and bbq king of the cul de sac.

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