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My name is Corey Stanberry, aka CharGrillSmoke on social media. My primary goal when I cook is to see others enjoying the food I have prepared, followed up by the off-chance that I am able to inspire others to learn to cook for themselves. As a self-taught cook who loves any opportunity to learn something new, I thoroughly enjoy it when I can share this process with others. BELIEVE ME when I say that not every cook comes out as a success, however that is all part of the process! P.S. I also enjoy conversing with folks attempting new ways of creating classic dishes so send me a DM if you've got some ideas to bounce around!

Dallas, Texas

Char-Griller of Choice:
Texas-Trio, the versatility is REAL with this one!

Favorite Dish to Grill:
Pulled Pork or Pasta

Fun Fact:
I am one of the Co-Owners of CrossFit G6 in Mansfield, Texas.

Favorite Activity:
Rolling Smoke!

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