Bill Conn

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Born in the Northeast I always enjoyed “barbecue season”. We would grill up the standard barbecue fare; hot dogs, hamburgers and occasionally when we wanted to get fancy, chicken. When I was finally old enough to barbecue on my own, I decided to expand “barbecue season” to include all months of the year. I wasn’t going to let a little snow stand between me and my barbecue. I would happily shovel a path to the barbecue in the winter months so I could continue to enhance my barbecue skill set. After college, I moved to the west coast and purchased my first smoker. I began to experiment with different meats to find the most delicious recipes. I love trying different techniques; cold smoke, reverse searing, rotisserie, cast iron, etc. 

My favorite time is spent with my family, watching my favorite Boston teams on tv while grilling up something delicious. I also enjoy creating barbecue and beer or cocktail pairings. I love to create the perfect cocktail to compliment a good barbecue meal. 

When I’m not manning the grill I can be found fishing (usually for something to smoke/grill) or golfing. I also enjoy skiing with my family and hiking the hills near our home in beautiful Southern California. 

I’m often asked how to make great barbecue.  I always tell people that they are going to make some really bad barbecue before they get good at it. Barbecue definitely takes a lot of practice to get the perfect seasoning, texture, smoke flavor etc. Just have fun with it, enjoy the process and soon enough you’ll be pulling amazing food off the grill. 

Born and raised in Rhode Island, now living in SoCal

Char-Griller of Choice:
Smokin' Pro

Favorite Dish to Grill:
Ribs (because they're a family favorite)

Fun Fact:
1.) During college, I was a butcher....which started my appreciation for meat/grilling at an early age. 2.) In addition to my passion for grilling/smoking, I love salt water fishing. I've been fortunate enough to be able to grill/smoke some nice fish over the years. 3.) Growing up in Rhode Island, I'm a die-hard fan of Boston sports teams. It's been a great run incorporating barbecuing with family and friends while watching them win championships.

Favorite Activity:
Aside from grilling, I enjoy golfing, boating, saltwater fishing, scuba diving and vacationing with my family


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