Our Favorite Burger Recipes

Burgers might just be the first thing that people think of when summertime rolls around. Quick, easy and generally a crowd pleaser, hamburger ingredients usually end up being the first thing people throw in their shopping carts for a cookout.

We love burgers at Char-Griller HQ, but we enjoy them more with a twist. Here are some of our favorite burger recipes from our own test kitchen and our ambassadors. 

1. Eggroll Burger 

Brand new from our Ambassador Aubrey Johansen! This Eggroll Burger is made with chicken and stacked high with cucumbers, coleslaw, and avocados. It also includes Aubrey’s affectionally named “Crack Sauce.” This Sesame Aioli is a game changer and just want you need to take these burgers to the next level. 

2. Juicy Lucy Hamburgers

A twist on the classic hamburger. This burger is seriously moist and flavorful thanks to the secret ingredients, dry onion soup mix and French dressing. (It’s a trick our Social Media Manager’s mom uses.) We stuffed them with cheese to make them extra delicious and great for summer cookouts.

3. Bacon Burger with Shallots

You know what makes every burger better? Bacon. These burgers have bacon included with the ground beef so you know they are going to be delicious. The shallots add an extra crunch and flavor that ties everything together. We recommend topping the finished product with cheese and BBQ sauce.

4. Smoked Mexican Burgers

Burgers with a spicy twist. These Mexican Burgers have chorizo mixed right in with the ground beef for an extra kick. Topped with jalapeños or poblanos (pick your poison), these burgers are sure to bring the heat.

5. Bacon Buster Burger

Juicy Lucy Burgers are great, but have you ever had a burger stuffed with Bacon Jam? These Bacon Buster Burgers are stuffed with a homemade Bacon Jam that is made with bacon, maple syrup, onion, garlic and more. If you’ve been looking for a “cheat meal,” this is it.

6. Pastrami Swiss Burger

Not just limited to rye bread, pastrami is the star of this burger. Topped with pastrami and swiss cheese, all these burgers need is a side of pickles to round out the meal. 

7. Bacon Ring Burger

Bacon makes it’s third appearance on our list with this Bacon Ring Burger. Onion rings doused in an apple-chipotle sauce, wrapped in bacon and then slow smoked until crispy are put on top of a burger with sautéed mushrooms and garlic. Are you drooling yet? Because we sure are.

8. Caprese Burger

Looking for something a little fresher? This Caprese Burger takes all that is good about tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella cheese and puts them on top of a burger. Want to add a twist, get some balsamic glaze to top everything with!

9. Bacon Garlic Burger with Chipotle Mayonnaise

Bacon, garlic and Chipotle Mayo, what could be better? With a little bit of prep work up front, this burger will come together quickly and is sure to leave everyone wanting more. As a bonus, you can dip your fries in the leftover Chipotle Mayo and who doesn’t love that? 

This is by no means an exhaustive burger list so we want to hear your recipes! Drop them in the comments below!