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Late Summer Garden Grilling

Late Summer Garden Grilling

Whether you have a lovely backyard garden or occasionally buy groceries from the farmers market, we’re here to help you put all those veggies and fruits to good use. We know you won’t always have the item to grill your fresh produce, but when you do, we promise the flavor is worth it! Food from the garden is healthy and delicious on its own, but adding a little smoke will enhance the flavors and make it more nutritious! In Summer, so many delicious fruits and veggies are in season, so now is the perfect time to try grilling your fresh produce!    


  • For optimal flavor, buy fruits and veggies in season. For example, summer corn will be much juicier and flavorful than in the winter.  
  • Use moderate indirect heat, fruit and veggies can be temperamental, and you don’t want o accidentally scorch them.   
  • Be sure to oil your grill thoroughly, as fruits and vegetables are high in natural sugars, which means they can easily burn and stick to the grill.  
  • Cut vegetables into the largest possible pieces to prevent them from falling through the grill grate and avoid extra time spent flipping more pieces. For example, cut zucchini in slices along the length of the vegetable rather than slicing into small rounds.  
  • A whole ear of corn doesn’t always cook through on the grill. Blanch it in boiling water for a few minutes, then grill for 5 to 10 minutes to finish cooking and add smoky flavor 


Recipe Ideas: 

  • Nothing screams Summer quite like corn on the cob. Here’s a recipe to upgrade corn on the cob for mouthwatering, sweet, and spicy street corn. It’s the perfect dish to serve on a summer’s night.  
  • Grilled Veggies are the perfect side dish to accompany any of your summer grilling meals. Smoking up a pork butt? You’ll want these delicious veggies to go along side!  
  • Perfect for serving on burgers or even alongside a scoop of ice cream, this grilled pineapple is easy to make your summer meals flavorful and sweet.  
  • Whip up this flavorful side for your next summer weeknight dinner or even chill and incorporate it into a summer salad.  
  • Dig into this Lemon Pesto Vegetable Medley for a citrusy, herbaceous addition to any relaxing summer afternoon. 
  • This refreshing summer salad is a great addition to any cookout. The red onion adds a pop of flavor, and the feta adds a creamy taste and texture. 


The recipes listed above are just a few of our favorite summer dishes. If you’re looking for more, be sure to check out the Char-Griller website for an extensive list of all our delicious recipes. We hope you and your family enjoy the last few weeks of summer next to the grill!