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Grilled Dessert Recipes

Grilled Dessert Recipes

Life is too short to skip dessert. While your Char-Griller grill can smoke ribs, sear steak, and grill up burgers, did you know that it’s also great for making dessert? Smoked pies, chocolatey brownies, berry cobblers, and more can be made just as easily on the grill as in the oven. As an added bonus, you get that real wood-fired flavor and you don’t heat up the house. Check out some of our favorite dessert recipes below. 

Grilled Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Fall calls for pumpkin and we took this recipe to the next level by making the crust with a blend of gingersnaps and graham crackers. To add extra flavor, we smoked the gingersnaps and graham crackers with mesquite wood. The savory smoke flavor went perfectly with the sweet pumpkin filling especially when we topped it with whipped cream.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart Recipe

A potato chip crust, dark chocolate, and salted caramel all in one amazing recipe. Let the grill do all the work with this recipe will have you coming back for seconds and thirds. This Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart Recipe from Char-Griller Ambassador and expert dessert maker Angel Hernandez is perfect for holiday parties!

Smoked Apple Pie with Crumb Topping Recipe

Smoking your desserts is a unique way to add an extra kick of flavor and make it truly unforgettable. Our Smoked Apple Crumb Pie has the perfect blend of sweet and crisp apples, baking spices, and a buttery, brown sugar and oat crumb on top. Add a scoop of ice cream for a truly decadent dessert.

Grilled S'mores Four Ways Recipe

Not all recipes have to be complicated. Grab your favorite candies, some marshmallows, and graham crackers and make s’more on the grill. You can assemble them inside, wrap them in foil and let them get melty and delicious on the warming rack or use the last of the charcoal to get the perfectly toasted marshmallows.

Candy Jar Brownies Recipe

We did a TON of research before making these brownies. We wanted to find the perfect mixture of sugar, chocolate, and special ingredients to make the most perfectly, fudgy and chocolate-filled brownie recipe ever. This recipe uses leftover Valentine’s Day candy to make it extra decadent, but you can add any kind of candy or leave it out if you just want to focus on the brownie!

Cheesecake Stuffed Apples Recipe

Super easy to make and a great way to impress all your guests, these Cheesecake Stuffed Apples are great on the grill. Filled with silky and delicious cheesecake and topped with crushed graham crackers this is the apple dessert you didn’t know you needed. Drizzle with caramel sauce for an extra hit of flavor!

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