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Five Reasons to Add a Flat Iron® Griddle to Your Backyard

Five Reasons to Add a Flat Iron® Griddle to Your Backyard

At Char-Griller, we’re always cooking up new innovations to better serve your cooking needs. Of our newest products, the Flat Iron® Gas Griddle, offered in both a full-size and smaller, portable option, is a necessity in all backyard cooking arsenals. From its efficiency to its portability, here are FIVE reasons why you should get yourself a Flat Iron® Gas Griddle.

1. Cook an ENTIRE Meal

Rather than cooking meat outside and delicious veggies/sides inside, prepare your entire meal in the backyard and keep the family altogether. Our full-size Flat Iron® is equipped with four burners for high and low temperatures and control of four different zones of the flat top for a versatile cooking experience. You can prepare delicious fajitas all at once! Cook up your meat in one zone and your onions and peppers on the next. At the same time, fry up rice in the third zone, while warming tortillas on the fourth. The heavy gauge steel griddle top that improves with each cook will ensure your meals get better and better every time. 

2. It’s Portable!

Enjoy the ease and efficiency of our Flat Iron® any time, anywhere. The full-size option has both folding side shelves and a folding cart construction with wheels, while the 17” option can simply be carried with your hands. Both are perfect to move around your yard, bring to a tailgate or on a camping trip with friends and family. Convenient cooking with zero hassle.

3. Easy to Use

With it’s steel flat-top, the Flat Iron® is sure to make anyone feel like a restaurant professional. Powered by propane and simple gas burner controls, it’s easy to control high and low temperatures for a variety of foods and meals, locking in flavor and heat. Also equipped with a convenient grease drawer, not only is cooking easy, but cleaning is as well. This griddle is perfect for an expert griller or a total beginner.

4. Easy to Clean & Maintain

Sometimes, the worst part of grilling up delicious food is the cleanup afterwards. The design of our griddles helps you focus on the food now and the mess later. Both our full-size and portable Flat Iron® Gas Griddles come equipped with a convenient grease drawer to eliminate a greasy mess. When you’re finished with your cook, simply scrape grease into the drawer, scrub away leftover food with water (and coarse salt for stubborn stuck on food), and coat with oil before storing for extra protection.

Want to know more about cleaning your griddle? Check out our guide here!

5. Use It Year ‘Round

At Char-Griller, every season is grilling season! Never let harsh temperatures or scorching sun stop you from cooking up your favorite meals. Since our Flat Iron® Griddles use propane, never worry about it freezing or your heat dying. We even have a full-size Flat Iron® offering with a lid attached for even more protection.