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Charcoal Grill Accessories

Charcoal Grill Add-Ons

As a company that's always been about charcoal grilling, we know charcoal grills can hold their own. Here at Char-Griller, we've got some accessories and add-ons, sure to give you an even better grilling experience.

Side Fire Box

All of our charcoal grills are Side Fire Box compatible, so if you attach one, it becomes a smoker. It's perfect for making burgers during the week and going low n' slow on the weekends.

Charcoal Chimney

Using the charcoal chimney makes everything easier. Rather than dealing with hot coals or using light fluid to get your fire going, using the charcoal chimney makes lighting your coals fast and easy with its quick release trigger system and sturdy handle equipped with a heat shield.

Charcoal Basket

The charcoal basket is perfect for holding lump charcoal and briquettes and helping you easily create heat zones. It makes indirect smoking much more simple and promotes more even airflow as the basket is grated allowing air to flow all around it. Clean up is also a bit easier as the ash will all form in one area.


A great attachment for your charcoal grill, the rotisserie with a built-in motor slowly rotates the meat, basting itself in its own juices, perfect for roasting chicken, ribs or anything you choose.


The wok is the perfect accessory for grilling vegetables and adding a signature charcoal taste.It has holes on it to ensure the grilled taste is infused while cooking them evely and just to your liking.