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Char-Griller Rubs-Inspired Recipes

Char-Griller Rubs-Inspired Recipes 

Showing some love to our delicious rubs, we recently released 6 new options to add some flavor to your food! To give you a taste of the way they will come to change your meals, we’ve created some recipes to highlight why you want to make sure to add these rubs to your spice cabinet ASAP. 

1. “Creole”

No need to visit your local crab-shack to fulfill that seafood boil craving. Prepare your own on your very own grill in foil packets. Our Creole rub is sure to bring out all those classic flavors for a delicious medley. Try this Grilled Seafood Boil recipe with our new Creole Rub!

Char-Griller Creole Rub

2. “Lemon Pepper” 

Not just reserved for meat in a classic lemon pepper chicken dish, this rub can elevate any meal you add it to for a flavorful tangy zest. It seems that no matter how potatoes are prepared, they’re always delicious, meaning you haven’t lived until you’ve tried this simple Grilled Lemon Pepper potatoes recipe. 

Char-Griller Lemon Pepper Rub

3. “Garlic & Herb”

Garlic and herbs is a classic combination used in marinades, for vegetables and much more. This rub can absolutely stand on its own. Experience it for yourself with this Grilled Garlic Bread recipe, sure to have you craving this one over a restaurant’s any day.

Char-Griller Garlic and Herb Rub

4. “Chili-Lime”

Add some tangy spice to your food and the whole family will thank you. Take this simple Fresh Chili Lime Watermelon Fries recipe and simply replace the Tajin with 2 tsp of our Chili Lime seasoning for fresh spice in this summertime staple.

Char-Griller Chili Lime Rub

5. “Taco & Fajita”

The name speaks for itself. Add 1 tsp of our Taco & Fajita Rub to this Flat Iron® East Meets West Chicken Fajitas recipe to bring out those classic fajita flavors. It’ll make all the difference.

Char-Griller Taco and Fajita Rub

6. “Sweet & Spicy”

Elevate your veggie game. Give these Grilled Red Onion and Brussel Sprouts Skewers a try, but be sure to add 1 tsp of our Sweet & Spicy rub to your seasoning mixture. It’ll bring out the sweetness of the red onions while adding a kick to your sprouts.

Char-Griller Sweet and Spicy Rub