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Camping Recipes

Camping Recipes

The absolute best part of camping is the food and it’s not up for debate!

Our Side Fire Box that doubles as a Table Top Grill or the Portable Flat Iron® both offer great options to make those meals happen easily. Be sure to make your next excursion into the great outdoors the best yet with these delicious meals, sure to be a hit with the entire family. Aside from only foil packet recipes, we offer creative options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even the all-time favorite camping classic: S’mores! Let’s dive right in.

Flat-Iron® Pizza Quesadillas

This fun spin on both pizza flavors fused with the delight of quesadillas, is a kid-friendly rendition, perfect for camping. It’s easy to make, but most of all, delicious! This is a great dish to kick off an afternoon or evening of festivities or games, providing the same vibe as a pizza would on a Friday night in. Make it your own and make the preparation process exciting. Get everyone involved!

Flat Iron® Sausage and Peppers Hash

A great meal for either breakfast, lunch or dinner, this Sausage and Peppers Hash can all be prepared side by side on the Flat Iron® for a delicious medley and perfect camping meal. Sausage and peppers are a classic marriage, but aren’t limited to dinner time, sandwiches or being served with tomato sauce. Get creative around the campfire and do your taste buds a favor with this recipe!

Easy Grilled S’mores

Foil packets are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to make delicious grilled meals happen on a camping trip. Absolutely, the most famous campfire classic, these grilled S’mores are no exception. They are easy and the perfect after-dinner treat, while you’ve still got your grill fired up and the night is just getting started.Simply grill them until the marshmallows and chocolate are melted and gooey enough for your liking. 

Flat Iron® Banana Pancakes

Have spare bananas laying around? We’ve got the perfect recipe to spice up your mornings in the great outdoors. Get your breakfast sides ready and make some room for the new star of the show with these Flat Iron® Banana Pancakes! The bananas will add another layer of flavor to your classic griddle pancakes, so enjoyable that bananas will be a guaranteed necessity for every camping trip.

Foil Packet Loaded Grilled Potatoes

Foil packets make everything easy AND fun, especially while camping. This grilled rendition of a classic baked potato is super easy to cook as well as great for personalizing with toppings fit for every member of the family. Think of a restaurant-style baked potato with all the toppings that make it pop, whether it be bacon, sour cream, or chives. Turn your dinner time into your very own potato bar, adding some flair to your next night in the wild.

Flat Iron® 3-Step Breakfast Sandwiches

It’s no secret that most meals taste better homemade, but avid campers know that meals taste even better when prepared and eaten in the great outdoors. These Flat Iron® breakfast sandwiches are no exception. They truly make “the most important meal” worth it. Although this recipe calls for sausage, feel free to substitute it with bacon or bring avocados along for the ride. The Flat Iron® is going to get the job done, but with this simple, yet delicious breakfast sandwich, you can truly make it your own!