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Current Ambassador FAQ

Is there any content that as an ambassador, I should avoid when taking over a social media account?

Please do not promote any other company during the takeover. Please do not include your brand, logos, or username in any of the content. You can add your information in the post caption.

How do I submit recipes?

You should email your direct correspondent on the Char-Griller marketing team. They will direct you to emailing the correct team member to get your recipe on the website.

I’m tagging you, why isn’t my content being shared?

a. This could be for various reasons. One, we schedule posts about a month in advance so we would not be able to post your more recent recipes.

b. Another reason is camera quality, or video engagement. We tend to play less of videos with longer introductions. If camera quality is bad, we will not play them. For YouTube videos, we’ve noticed they perform better on Facebook other than Instagram.

c. We have themed weeks, and the content you summited may not go along with that theme.

d. The content you had needed edits including audio changes, removal of logos or in general edits. We can edit videos but prefer videos that do not require as much editing.

How do I schedule a takeover?

Reach out to the digital marketing team and let us know! We announce monthly the weekly themes, and you can respond from there as well.

Is there any format I should use during takeovers?

Takeovers you can use your creative freedom! Each griller has a different technique, and we want you to highlight yours!

Can I post on the Instagram before or after a takeover?

If you have approval, then you can post. This is because we have content scheduled out and we want to make sure our posts do not conflict with each other. Contact your digital marketing team main contact to ask who you would need to reach out too.

If I do a takeover, do I need to log out after?


I have a question/comment/concern about one of my products. Who do I reach out too?

Please contact our digital marketing team, and we will be able to assist you.

I would like to try sending recipes, takeovers, etc.?

Ask your digital marketing team member and they will be able to help!

Are all ambassador agreements the same?

They are not, we highlight our ambassadors’ strengths and therefore each of our agreements will look different.

How can I recommend someone?

Email our digital marketing team!

How do I get exclusive YouTube content?

Send to the digital marketing team using tools such as We Transfer.

How should we promote Char-Griller on social media?

Tagging @chargrillergrills on Instagram and tagging us on Facebook from the Char-Griller page. Including #chargriller and #TeamCharGriller in your posts.