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Ambassador Application FAQ

If I applied to be an ambassador, how long does to take to get back?

We check ambassador applications monthly. We will reach out to you if we are interested.

It's been over a month since I applied to be an ambassador, and I haven’t heard back. Should I reapply?

We keep your application on file and periodically will go through it. If you have any questions about your application, please message us on our social media channels.

Do you have any requirements of ambassadors?

Each of our agreements change from person to person. We always ask our ambassadors to have @chargrillergrills only and/or #teamchargrillerin your bio.

Do you require a certain number of followers?

No, we value content.

If we want to be an ambassador, what will help us?

a. Posting media with clean audio.
b. Tagging @chargrillergrills on Instagram and tagging us on Facebook from the Char-Griller page. Including #chargriller and #TeamCharGriller in your posts.
c. Being an active member of the Char-Griller Facebook Groups.
d. Watermark free posts (i.e.: Not having logos and usernames in content)

Are you allowed to be an ambassador for Char-Griller and another company?

a. As a rule, we do not allow for our ambassadors to have another outdoor grilling companies they promote. You are allowed to be an ambassador for other companies who don’t conflict with our products.

What do you look for in ambassadors?

We look for people who are actively involved in the BBQ community and fit our core values of our brand, these being dependability and trustworthiness. Content that that is high quality. Unique posts. Content that highlights products and produces engagement among others as well.

If I was an ambassador for another grilling company, can I be an ambassador for Char-Griller?

a. We evaluate contracts on a case-by-case basis. If you are under contract with another grill company that you feel does not conflict with our products, you are welcome to apply so we can look.

If I don’t have any grills, can I still be an ambassador?

Yes. Being a current/ previous fan of Char-Griller is helpful, but we are open to people who have grilling experience.