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The All-American Burger

Prep Time: 30 Min | Cook Time: 6 Min


  • 1
    80/20 Ground Chuck- 1 Pound
  • 2
    Steak- 8 ounces
  • 3
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For the PERFECT #burger, you only need minimal ingredients, a grill, and people to share your creation with. This All-American Burger Recipe is made with steak and classic toppings for the ideal summertime meal. 


1. Cube your steak and grind together with coarse plate in the grinder. 

2. Once fully ground, change the plate to a finer grind, and grind again. This will help the fat and meat combine well so that the burgers stay together. 

3. Once ground, form the patties, about 4 inches. 

4. Create a well in the center of the patties to help with even cooking. 

5. Put the burgers in the fridge for up to 1 hour after forming the patties. 

6. Fire up the grill and bring up to 400F 

7. Season the patties with fresh ground black pepper and fresh ground sea salt. 🧂

8. Cook the burgers for about 4-6 minutes. Close the lid while doing this. 

9. Flip once, and let cook.

10. Add cheese to the burgers and let the cheese melt over the patties. 

11. Toast the bun on the grill to prevent a soggy bun when the juices of the burger comes out. 

12. Once done, assemble your burger as you like and show your friends and family how you have become a true #grillionaire and that you are the KING of the cul de sac. 

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