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Smoked Sweet Potatoes

Prep Time: 10 Min | Cook Time: 20 Min


  • 1
    (5) Sweet Potatoes or Yams
  • 2
    Olive Oil
  • 3
    Himalayan Pink Salt
  • 4
    Thai Spice
  • 5
    Sugar Free Maple Syrup
  • 6
    Maple Cinnamon Seasoning
  • 7

We've all tried the holiday must-have sweet potato pie or candied sweet potatoes, but in this recipe, we've got delicious Smoked Sweet Potatoes that'll do any holiday plate justice.


  1. Start by venting the potatoes with a fork
  2. Brush EVOO on the potatoes, fully covering them
  3. Sprinkle with Himalayan pink salt 
  4. Heat your grill to 300°
  5. Put the smoking stone in place
  6. Place your potatoes around the grill so they get indirect heat (This allows them to cook and absorb the smoke flavor without burning)
  7. Add a flavor chunk
  8. Flip the potatoes at the 1 hour mark 
  9. Pull the potatoes when they are soft and have some give when you press in on them (Be careful as these will be extremely hot)
  10. Open the potatoes down the middle (Again, use caution as they will be hot)
  11. Use a fork to mix in Thai spice seasoning with the potato
  12. Add a dollop of butter and let it melt

Sugar Free Maple Cinnamon Butter

  1. 1 stick of butter, salted and soft
  2. SF Maple Syrup, 1/4 cup
  3. Maple Cinnamon Spice, 2 TBSP

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