Smoked n’ Seared Cowboy Steak Dinner

Prep Time: 10 Min | Cook Time: 117 Min


  • 1
    Cowboy Steak/Bone in Ribeye: 2-3pounds
  • 2
    Brazilian Salt: to taste
  • 3
    Favorite Beef Rub: used Sniffin Griffins BBQ Beef Rub
  • 4
    Asparagus: small bunch
  • 5
    Baked Potatoes: 5
  • 6
    Melted Fresh Garlic Parley Butter: to taste (Go To CharGriller.com For Recipe)
  • 7
    Char-Griller Grills Competition Pro 8125: Smoking
  • 8
    Char-Griller Grills Ceramic Akorn
  • 9
    Char-Griller Grills Folding Probe
  • 10
    Fogo Eucalyptus Lump Charcoal with Mesquite & Post Oak Smoking Wood.
  • 11
    Disposable Gloves: Golden Protective Services Green Diesel Gloves

Looking for an epic Christmas dinner? This Smoked and Seared Cowboy Steak will not only feed a crowd, it will also make for a pretty impressive dinner centerpiece! Learn how to make it via this Cowboy Steak Recipe.


  1. Fire up your Char-Griller Grills Competition Pro 8125 to 250° & fire up your Char-Griller Grills Ceramic AKORN piping hot to 698°.
  2. Season/Rub the Cowboy Steak/Bone in Ribeye: coat all sides with olive oil and season/rub with your favorite beef rub and Brazilian Salt on all sides. -Tip: coat the bone with olive oil as well to help protect it while cooking, avoid putting the seasoning/rub and salt on the bone.
  3. Season the asparagus with olive and your favorite seasoning/rub and place in the AKORN to cook while the Steak is Smoking.
  4.  Rinse, pat dry and Polk holes in the bake potatoes and cover them with foil and place them in the AKORN to cook while the Steak is Smoking.
  5. Place the Cowboy Steak/Bone in Ribeye in the Smoker. Smoke to your desired internal temperature: I smoked mine to internal temperature 130°, took 90 minutes. -Tip: use the Char-Griller Grills Folding Probe to take the guessing out of getting to your desired internal temperature.
  6. When your desired internal temperature is met. Remove the Cowboy Steak/Bone in Ribeye from the Smoker.
  7. Lather up all sides of the Cowboy Steak/Bone in Ribeye with the melted fresh garlic parsley butter and allow it to rest for 15 minutes before searing.
  8. Sear the Cowboy Steak/Bone in Ribeye in the grill doing the 10 – 2 searing method: 3 minutes on each turn. 6 minutes total on each side. 12 minutes total to sear.
  9. Remove from the grill and allow it to rest for 15 minutes before slicing.
  10. Load up the baked potatoes with your favorite toppings.
  11. Serve the Cowboy Steak/Bone in Ribeye with the asparagus, loaded baked potato and enjoy


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