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Pork and Pineapple Kabobs

Prep Time: 15 Min | Cook Time: 25 Min


  • 1
    Pork Tenderloin Cut into Kabob Size Chunks - 1
  • 2
    Fresh Cut Pineapple Cut into Kabob Size Chunks - 1/2 a Pineapple
  • 3
    Char-Griller Original Rub - 2 Tablespoons
  • 4
    Char-Griller Rib Rub - 2 Tablespoons

Kabobs are a quick, easy and fully customizable meal option that anyone will love. These Pork and Pineapple Kabobs are perfect for a low effort lunch or dinner. Be sure to prepare extra because these will disappear quickly!


1. Before working on the food, begin by lighting a full chimney of charcoal and placing it in your cooker so it will be fully ignited by the time your kabobs go on. 

2. When cutting the tenderloin into kabob chunks, make sure to remove all silver skin. If using wooden skewers, soak in water for at least an hour before cooking.  

3. Once the skewers have been soaked, begin arranging the kabobs in an alternating pattern of pork and pineapple until the skewer is mostly full.  After the skewers have been loaded hit all sides with an equal dose of the Char-Griller Original All Purpose Rub and Char-Griller Rib Rub.  

4. Once the kabobs have been prepared, make sure your grill is at between 400 and 500 degrees and place the kabobs on.  Let the kabobs go for two minutes then rotate them to an opposite unseared side. Repeat this until all surfaces have been seared, and your pork has an internal temperature of 140 degrees.  This process will take somewhere between 8 and 16 minutes depending on the temperature of your grill.  

5. Once the pork has reached 140 degrees internal, remove them from the grill, let rest for 5 minutes then enjoy.


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