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Grilled Gumbo Wings

Prep Time: 15 Min | Cook Time: 25 Min


  • 1
    Whole Chicken Wings: 8-10
  • 2
    Filé Gumbo Juice: 32 oz plus enough to serve with a small bowl for wing dipping
  • 3
    Creole Seasoning: to taste
  • 4
    Paprika Seasoning: to taste
  • 5
    Salt & Pepper: to taste
  • 6
    Corn Bread (optional) for serving


Items Needed

  1. Char-Griller Grills Gravity Fed 980
  2. Lump Charcoal, 1/2 hopper full
  3. 2 Fire starters
  4. Fire torch


  1. Clean and rinse the chicken wings
  2. Inject the wings with filé gumbo juice. See Certified Creole Grilled Chicken n' Sausage Filé Gumbo for a gumbo recipe
  3. Season with salt, pepper, paprika and Creole Seasoning

Cook Directions

  1. Fire up the grill to 500° F 
  2. Put wings on the grill and flip periodically
  3. Grill for about 25 minutes to internal temperature of 175° F 
  4. Serve with a bowl of Filé Gumbo juice and cornbread slices
  5. Enjoy!

Author: James Llorens
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