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Grilled Buffalo Chicken Wing Recipe

Prep Time: 15 Min | Cook Time: 45 Min


  • 1
    Chicken Wings: 12-14, whole
  • 2
    Olive Oil: binder
  • 3
    Buffalo Sauce: 12 fl. oz.
  • 4
    Butter: 1/2 Stick
  • 5
    Salt n' black pepper: to taste
  • 6
    Sazón Seasoning: to taste
  • 7
    Char-Griller Grills Premium Kettle Grill
  • 8
    Lump Charcoal, Charcoal Chimney, Fire Starters & Fire Torch



  1. Rinse and clean whole chicken wings
  2. Lather with olive oil for your binder
  3. Season with Sazón seasoning and salt n' pepper
  4. Rest in fridge while the grill is being prepped and warmed
  5. Fire up your Premium Kettle Grill to 500°F. Load up a full charcoal chimney with lump charcoal and leave it in the center of the grill in the fire bowl area. 
  6. Place a pecan wood chunk over the fire for a lingering smoke

Cook Directions

  1. Place the chicken wings on the grill in a circle around the lump charcoal and wood
  2. Cook the wings for 30 mins and place in a pan
  3. Warm up the buffalo sauce with butter
  4. Drench n' glaze your wing in the buffalo sauce
  5. Leave your pan with the wings and sauce in the grill for 10 mins
  6. Remove and enjoy! 

Author: Certified Creole BBQ
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