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Garlic Butter Steak

Prep Time: 5 Min | Cook Time: 3-6 Min


  • 1
    2 10-12oz. Steaks (Ribeye, Strip, etc.)
  • 2
    2 Tbsp. of butter
  • 3
    1 Tbsp. of oil
  • 4
    Char-Griller Steak Rub
  • 5
    2-3 sprigs of thyme
  • 6
    1 Tbsp. of garlic

Sometimes you can't lug the smoker along for the journey. That doesn't mean you can't make some seriously delicious seared steak happen right on your camp stove. In this recipe, we'll be preparing a savory, juicy, and tender steak right in a pan, a delectable comfort in the great outdoors. Trust us, it can be done... but not "well done."


1. Heat the oil in your pan over high heat until it begins slightly smoking.

2. Season steaks generously with Char-Griller Steak Rub.

3. Add both steaks to the pan and sear on both sides for 3-6 minutes, depending on desired doneness.

4. About 2 minutes before removing the steak from the pan, add the butter, garlic, and thyme and use a spoon to continuously cover both steaks with this butter mixture.

5. Remove from heat and allow steaks to rest for at least 5 minutes before serving.

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