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Crispy Skin Wings


  • 1
    Chicken wings as desired
  • 2
    Favorite BBQ Sauce
  • 3
    Almond butter to coat wings

A simple and delicious way to enjoy Crispy Chicken Wings by one of our favorite Chefs, the one and only Tone Ramirez! Get going on this one and use your Char-Griller® Gravity Fed 980 Charcoal Grill.


  1. When removing the skin make sure you’re using a very sharp knife. 
  2. Start from the skin flap. Hold onto flap, cut in an angled downward motion while pulling onto the skin with very little downward force to prevent cutting through the skin. 
  3. Use almond oil as a binder
  4. Use your favorite BBQ rub. I used @blazingstarbbq Pork’N
  5. Smoked them on the @chargrillergrills Gravity Fed 980 at 300-350 till internal reaches 165
  6. While wings are cooking fry the chicken skins at 350 till crispy then rough chop them. 
  7. When wings are almost done coat with your favorite BBQ sauce. I used @blazingstarbbq Spicy 
  8. When wings are done, sprinkle over that crispy skin

Author: Tone Ramirez
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