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Americana BBQ Sauce Marinade for Chicken


  • 1
    Chicken Breast or Wings
  • 2
    Your Favorite BBQ Sauce
  • 3
    1 Cup of Water

Many national retailers sell BBQ sauce that isn’t really based on a specific region or type. Our ambassador, John Bailey has dubbed these sauces "Americana" and tested one of them out as a marinade. 


  1. Looking to add more flavor to BBQ grilled chicken I came up with this marinade.
  2. First make sure your chicken pieces are cleaned and rinsed.
  3. Take a liberal squeeze of your chosen BBQ sauce into a gallon zip lock style bag. Add about a cup of water to the bag and mix.
  4. You should have a very watery looking mix, now add your chicken.
  5. Mix everything around in the bag and refrigerate for a few hours, 12, or overnight.
  6. When it’s time to grill take your chicken pieces out of the bag and pat dry. Their color should have changed via absorbing the BBQ sauce-based marinade.
  7. Set grill for indirect heat about 350 deg F.
  8. Smoke with wood chips if you like.
  9. Grill skin side up till internal temperature is close to 160 deg F.
  10. Flip chicken to the hot side for a few minutes only to get some char on it.
  11. Move back to the indirect side brush with your Americana style BBQ sauce.
  12. Cook till internal temp of 160 deg F.
  13. Pull from grill let rest 5-10 minutes and enjoy.
  14. You will notice the flavor of the bbq sauce has permeated into the meat as well as on the skin.


Author: John Bailey
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