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Aloha Smash Burgers

Prep Time: 10 Min | Cook Time: 10 Min


  • 1
    2 Lbs Of Ground 80/20 Chuck
  • 2
    Pepper Jack Cheese
  • 3
    Sweet Hawaiian Buns
  • 4
    Red Onion
  • 5
    Stick of butter
  • 6
    Fresh Sliced Pineapple
  • 7
    BBQ Rub
  • 8
    Sriracha Mayo (Store Bought or Make Your Own)

The sweetness from the pineapple and the saltiness from the burger make an out of this world combination, not to mention it's on a Sweet Hawaiian bun with sriracha mayo and grilled red onions! This Aloha Smash Burgers recipe is a must try!


  1. First you’ll take the ground chuck and combine into a large bowl. Now relive the old days of creating things with Play-Doh. Roll the beef into a ball about tad larger than a golf ball. Do not compress! You want to leave the air caps, it makes for those crispy edges.

  2. Now get your griddle ready to prepare your buns. I like to leave mine on Med-High heat for this cook. I melted a stick of butter. I used a basting brush to coat the top and bottom bun. Place down onto the griddle and let the butter work its magic. Pull once golden and crispy.

  3. Next I’m starting the onions. I’m leaving the burgers for last since they cook quickly! I finely chopped one red onion and added to the griddle with just a pinch of salt and pepper. Cook until browned.

  4. Once the onions are down, I put down my pineapple slices. These should take about 3-5 minutes per side. Cook until tender with a nice char.

  5. Time for the burgers! I like to do a few at a time so there isn’t a chance for over cooking and you have space to SMASH! Lay down the burger balls on the griddle, sprinkle on your favorite seasoning for beef and then smash, I used the flat side of the spatula and used the other spatula to help me press down. Wait until you see the edges of the pattie begin to brown, then it’s time to flip. Once flipped, again apply your favorite seasoning to the other side of the patty.

  6. Before fully finishing the other side of the burger place the cheese on top of the patty and let it melt to your preferred doneness. You may use a cooking dome to further melt the cheese.

  7. While the cheese is melting, get your buns ready. Apply Sriracha mayo to the bottom bun, place two patties, then top with the red onions and finally the slice of pineapple.

  8. Time to enjoy your tasty Aloha Smash!

Author: Kyle Casper
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