Certified Creole BBQ & Body Builder BBQ
Had the honor and privilege to take an overnight drive with my Daughter Elisa from Illinois to Wisconsin for an all-day BBQ cooking with Rich Knapp of Body Builder BBQ along with his wife Tammy and little dog Peanut and Takeover the Char-Griller Grills Instagram and Facebook pages for some live cooking and posting. We arrived at Rich & Tammy's house in Kaukauna, WI bright and early with a cooler full of meat n' goodies along with my Char-Griller Grills Portable Gambler™, charcoal bags and many grilling accessories. We got prepared and ready to BBQ. Prior to going, Rich and I created a full menu and grills to use for the day along with giving away a new AKORN® Jr. and bags of charcoal. We made breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Rich made breakfast on the premium Char-Griller Grills Griddle with bacon, eggs and some tasty hash browns. We had low n' slow cooks with Salty Dalty's Pork & Rib Rub, smoked pork butt I prepared and smoked on the AKORN Jr. and Rich smoked a huge chuck roast on the Gravity Fed 980 with his homemade BBQ rub. Rich and I also had a one-on-one rib contest. Elisa and Tammy were the judges and the competition resulted in a friendly tie. Both slabs of ribs were delicious and both winners! Rich made low n' slow smoked baby back ribs on the XD 8250 and I made spare ribs and rib tips hot n' fast ribs on the AKORN Auto-Kamado™. We also had hot n' fast cooked with beer marinated skirt steak n' veggies for tacos on the Wrangler and Korean short ribs on the Portable Gambler. I made BBQ baked beans on the Auto-Kamado, smoked sausages on the XD 8250. Desert was smoked apple pie made by Tammy. It was smoked on the XD 8250. It was fun and a blast being side by side with Rich and seeing how he works his pits and gets it done. I admire him and have lot of respect for him and what he does, so it brought me joy to finally be able to BBQ next to him and BBQ on his many Char-Griller Grills. It was also an honor to see him grill his Korean short ribs on my Portable Gambler. We spoke a lot and it was finally nice to meet him in person. It was also nice sharing our experience of the day with the Char-Griller Grills following via Facebook live/stories & Instagram story/feed and also nice giving away a new AKORN Jr. full set up and charcoal bags to a lucky person that was tuned in for all the content. I was also able to create so much content to create various videos for future posts and am still working on some of them because I was able to capture so much content. Some are posted already, be sure to check out the Char-Griller Grills, Body Builder BBQ & Certified Creole BBQ Social Media Pages for all the content. It was such a great day filled with lifelong memories and definitely a BBQ that I'll never forget. Big thank you to Char-Griller Grills Marketing Department for all the support and help and also Rich Knapp of Body Builder BBQ along with his wife Tammy and little dog Peanut for welcoming my daughter and myself. You made us feel at home and really appreciated it. ako
  • Oct 17, 2022
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