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Customer Testimonies

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Thanks for a great grill...Less than a year old....It has produces so much good bbq it doesn't owe me a cent.. SB, Maryland


I bought a Super Pro in 2003, added the smoke box in 2004 and it has performed superbly. Recently, my charcoal ash pan needed to be replaced. Instead, I put the money toward a new Duo and it is great. The versatility of using charcoal or gas is really nice. In a rush, the gas is convenient to have. When I have more time, I go with the charcoal, which is what I prefer. Now, my Super Pro is used strictly as a smoker since it doesn't need the charcoal ash pan in the main chamber. Chargriller has turned me into a decent outdoor chef. My friends all say I could sell what comes off my grill and smoker. It isn't me; I owe it to the equipment. Chargriller includes absolutely everything a person could want on a grill. No feature is missing. Simply put, Chargriller is the best designed equipment on the market at the best price. I'll never cook on anything else. LB, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

First off thank you for an excellent product. My name is Jeremy Harris. I'm captain of the Conquistaboars cooking team. I have used the model with smoker attachment for several years now though I've never competed. Some friends and I decided to try the Memphis in May World Championship Patio Porker Ribs Division. Once we got there we quickly realized the other teams had much bigger, much more expensive equipment. Some of them had trailer grills that cost as much as $8,000. In the end, it didn't matter...The grill doesn't look the greatest but it's been used for several years. I'll be replacing it this summer but I will keep the grates and racks from the original since they are still in excellent shape and well seasoned. Again, thank you for a wonderful product with excellent craftsmanship. FH

Meet Frankenstein. My Char-Griller® is great. It does everything wonderfully. Took me longer to remove the propane firebox than to drop the Char-Griller® in place. I'm a very happy camper. FH

My husband and I love this grill!! Every time we use it I get more inspired to try new things and new sauces to go with my smoked meat. It's nice to have the grill as well to add some oysters or tube steaks too! This grill has been well worth every penny!Kris and Matt- Washington

A friend of mine kept bragging about his grill and how good it cooked. Once I saw it I had to have it. Long story short...among our family and friends, we have 7 of the Super Pros! I have the Fire Box on mine and I cook the best brisked ever tasted on it! Will never cook on anything but a Char-Griller®...Best grill on the market by far! Denny - Charlie D.

I've been a proud owner of the Trio model for about six months and have been grilling/smoking every spare second that I can get. I can not even count how many comments that have been made about how awesome my grill looks and smells, not to mention the mouth watering BBQ it produces. Thanks again! Steve R. Greater Bacon Browns Backers- Northfield, OH

My Char-Griller®, a.k.a. "My Baby", was given to me as a gift about two years ago and I have fallen in love with it! Thank you for such a GREAT product, and will be enjoying it for years to come! Thanks! Denny - MN

Ryan is our 5 year old son who is a grill and smoker fanatic! Santa found the Char-Griller® Patio Pro and was able to shorten the legs by 6" to accommodate a 4 year old boy. Ryan keeps the smoker in his room by his bed. When he is not pretending to cook on it, it doubles as his dinosaur museum. We made Ryan his own grill shirt which included all of his favorite grills. Brad & Rachelle P.

This is the greatest grill I've ever owned. Come to think of it, I can't imagine life without it...I wanted to share my photo because yesterday I added the Fire Box that I can't wait to try...Life is good now! Thanks for making a wonderful grill. Darryl M.-Pennsylvania

When my gas grill was dying and I decided to buy a new one I found your Duo grill. Pretty cool I thought, then read that a Side Fire Box could be added to smoke... Your grill is the BEST of all worlds! It's holding up great! When I'm at a place and see someone looking at a Char-Griller®, I can't help myself from telling them how great it is! Harold D. - Puyallup, WA

I am a missionary in Haiti, and I recovered the top to a Char-Griller® from one that had the bottom damaged. Having the top, and a lot of rocks here, I made a cooker using the top to the Char-Griller®. It could not be a finer cooker. And the charcoal available here is the "natural" kind, so the results are excellent. LJ Scott

I had been thinking about a Patio Pro to add to my collection of gas grills and smoker. The minute I saw the 5050 in the store, I bought it. I added the Side Fire Box and a Cover. The Char-Griller®impressed me because of design and quality construction. Mine has worked great from day 1 with a minimal learning curve....Also, the temp gauge on the Side Fire Box makes it a snap to control my smoking chamber temperature when cold smoking. Great quality, function, look and price! Jim K.


Really enjoying this new Duo. Nothing but good results. Fixing for a crowd is easy with one of these... JDK-SC

This baby is my new love! Love the gas/charcoal combination, I haven't used charcoal in years, and now look out! I have about every kind of seasoned wood chips I can find, this is one of the best grills I have ever owned, and plan on sticking with your company! Your products are very well made! Thank you! Tom-Columbus, OH

Just another satisfied customer, a transplanted Texan now living in Hawaii...I was very pleased to find and purchase your Table Top Charcoal Grill at Lowe's. I was thrilled just going through the seasoning process, you can imagine the smile on my face when the real grilling began, nothing beats sweet mesquite. Nathan A.

Just wanted to thank you for EXCELLENT customer service. That is what I call customer service. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I will spread the word about your business. Randy B.

I just bought one of the Char-Griller® grills and I love it, but I really wanted to compliment your company on their fast shipping service. There were a few accessories I needed and purchased them online and was surprised how fast I received them. Great job. Tim L.

If you love charcoal grilling and smoking, these are the grills you need to buy. Nothing comes close in quality, versatility, or value. I will never buy another company's grill. Keep up the good work. -Chris D.- Clarkston, MI

I purchased my new Pro Deluxe #2222 this 4th of July here in Denver, and commenced to cookin' dinner for m'sweetie and myself. Well, happy to say that the Ribeyes, King Crab Legs and Corn on the Cob I cooked up on the evening of the 4th came out beautifully, thanks to the overall excellence of design and the cast iron grates on your grill! I look forward to many a year of good grillin' now that I have my Pro Deluxe! Thanks a bunch, and Good Grillin' to Ya!-Dave S., Denver, CO

Just a note regarding my Char-Griller® grill. I have had it for 6 years now, got a side box three years ago, and we smoked baby back ribs this past Father's Day. The grill is still in great shape...The quality of the product is great. I am sure it will last another 6 years at least. Walter M.

4th of July-I did it, I finally bought the Char-Griller®. I used the Char-Griller® yesterday for the first time and I will never own any other grill. I managed to smoke country style ribs my frist time on the porch with this baby! Pork chops, hot dogs and hamburgers were great but cutting into that rib and seeing a true smoke ring really had me bursting with pride! Cena L., Orlando, FL

Derrick Derrick Derrick

The Grill off: I was the only one cooking on charcoal. I used my new portable Char-Griller® i.e. smokebox and found myself up against four gassers. I took thrid place in a hard fought hot contest with my Greek Angus Burgers with Grilled Eggplant slices topped with Fresh Tomoto under melted Mozzarella, and Parmeson cheese on the side....They were quite good. I got beat by a very elaborate chicken and shrimp kabob entry. Can't win em all. Derrick P.

I just wanted to compliment the company for a brilliant idea and a wonderful grill! I owned a Napolian propane grill for about 10 doesn't compare to the $300 Char-Griller® grill...there is no taste comparison... The propane allows for quick grilling during the week and charcoal during the weekends. With this grill I am able to choose gas or charcoal. The Char-Griller® gas side cooks better than the Napolian ever did. Yours in grilling-Susan N.


...We enjoy our Char-Griller®. We have had this grill about 5 years now and cook on it at least 3 times a week...We love this grill and hope to buy one soon (hopefully Father's Day). Just thought I would share it with you. Thanks for making such a wonderful grill. I think [my husband] should get the prize of the year cooking on this for his family. Ha Ha Terri


I purchased the Duo Grill with Side Fire Box (SFB) a few weeks ago. I am very happy with both the charcoal side and the gas side, haven't tried smoking yet with the SFB...excellent temperature control on both sides. Easy assembly, good design and good materials. Bought the cover for this grill from Char-Griller® and it was also a nicely made product. I recommend this grill to anyone.. Jim-Washington State


I just purchased the Duo a month ago and last week added the fire box. I may live on my deck on the weekends all summer. I have always grilled out, but the Char-Griller® Duo and fire box take grilling to another level. Yesterday, I smoked three racks of ribs and they were great. I have used the gas, charcoal and smoker with great success. Thank you for making a great product and providing a great web site. Mark G.-MO


My father bought his Char-Griller® Super Pro in 2007 and... passed down to me his old Kingsford charcoal grill... I won't lie. I had a hard time parting with the when it came time to look for my new grill I needed something that I knew I would love just as much if not more and immediately went to go take a look at which Char-Griller® would best fit my needs. I have since told anyone that I have talked to about grilling and how much my dad and I both love our Char-Grillers® , and insisted that if they are planning on buying a new charcoal grill that it needs to be a Char-Griller® . I just want to say thanks for making amazing grills and keep up the good have a customer for life!!! Mike J.-Grillin' in Wisconsin

Just assembled the Duo and I have the highest compliments for you guys. What a machine! The treatment of the metal is first rate, you guys obvioulsy know what you are doing. I look forward to using it. Walter S. Stamford, CT

I bought your Char-Griller® Duo Model 5050 last year '08 for Memorial Day..and I must say "WHAT AN INVESTMENT". When we saw this grill we both said "THAT'S THE ONE", it does everything...Now it is time for our '09 Memorial Day grill out and we have just pruchased today the Smoker and can't wait to use it on Saturday. HAPPY GRILLING!!!-Duo Highly Recommended Tanya B.-Cincinnati, OH

I just bought a Char-Griller® Duo last weekend for my husband. He's been in 7th Heaven all week. We absolutely love this grill. He's been tricking it out and making it his own by adding a chrome paper towel holder and extra hooks. We are avid Nascar fans so who knows, maybe he'll add a Nascar theme to it as well. I'm ordering the smoker today to surprise him with next week! Jennifer F.-MI

I shopped grills for two years looking for a unit that offered the versatility our family needs at a price we could afford. I found it in the Char-Griller® Duo Model 5050. Assembly and curing instructions were easy to follow space and accessories add to the value. I would heartily recommend this grill and plan to purchase the smoker fire box in the near future. Thanks to the Duo, we'll be grillin' and grinnin' year-round....Steve H.-Corpus Christi, TX

Bill D.

Surprise! We won the 2006 Jack Daniels Shadetree Grand Champion. We also placed 1st in chicken and 9th in ribs. I had never cooked on my new Outlaw but had only seasoned it. I started it, set the dampers and the temp regulated just like the other Char-Grillers ® that I have. I cooked all my 1st place chicken on my new Outlaw. Thanks, Char-Griller ® . We look forward to working with you in the future. Bill Davis, Hickory Barn BBQ

I bought a Char-Griller® Grillin' Pro 3001 gas grill yesterday. Put it together with excellent directions. I have to say that I have had many different grills over the years and yours cooks much more evenly than anything I have had to date. I look forward to many years of grillin' and hope it outlasts the grills I have had in the past. So far I'm impressed...Kudos to you and the gang at your company. Tim F.

Just wanted to let you know what a fabulous grill this is. I have purchased many a grill in my day, but this one is the best one I have ever owned. The temperature stays consistent and I really like the way it smokes my meat, even chicken is grilled to perfection, and it seems quicker than normal anyway. Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful grill that I will look forward to using for years to come. Thanks! Robert T.

Douglas S. Douglas S.

I've been using a Char-Griller® for years in my tailgating outfit. I have been wanting to find a Georgia Bulldog grill but could not find one, so I decided to build one myself. I never even thought about using the Char-Griller ® in the project because it's the only grill we like to use. Go DAWGS. If you would like to see how it was built you can go to: Douglas S.

Tom L

This grill/smoker has been with me for a year now and I must confess that it is the best I have ever used for its versatility. I have smoked Boston Butts, chickens, ribs, pork chops and beef briskets to perfection every time. I grill everything from hot dogs to hamburgers to steaks to chops all the time and cooking with this unit is more than half the fun in putting a meal on the table. I would recommend the Duo to anyone who is serious about outdoor cooking. Tom L-Christiansburg, VA

I moved to Texas about a year ago from Cincinnati, OH. Now unless you haven't heard, Texans like smoked food A LOT! This Yankee boy came to Texas and made Texans go WOW!!! with smoked food it took a Char-Griller®. I got the double sided charcoal grill, and when I added the side smoker, it was all over. I did 4 racks of Baby Back Ribs and a Beef Brisket for good measure. GOD Bless Texas!! Bruce


I recently bought this grill and I am just amazed!.. There is so much versatility with this thing. I love the fact you can gas grill, charcoal smoke and, even bake some with it. Fire Box is a must for this mammoth grill...I am still learning how to use it correctly and having a blast trying... Mike - Virginia

Larry Mc. Larry Mc.

Maiden Voyage (so to speak) with my new Char-Griller® Pro. Brisket turned out "Perfect". Baby back pork ribs followed and they were just as good or better in their own right. Char-Griller® Pro..."Highly Recommended"Larry

Eric P

BIG E BBQ. I have been using your product a while now and have started entering KCB's cookoffs and I have been doing well. Check out my competition Char-Griller® trailer. Eric P.

I Chase The Rain With Fire And Chicken from Zekeland on Vimeo.

"Here's a short video I made about bbq chicken on my Char-Griller®. We grill in the rain, snow, whatever. The rain wasn't stopping us on this day! Zeke

I have always wanted another charcoal grill since we went gas 10 yrs ago and with the Duo Char-Griller®with the mounted fire box my divided family has the option of gas, charcoal or smoked.I smoked my first 13 pound turkey this past weekend and it turned out awesome. The fire box enabled me to put hot coals on the bottom and a 4" diameter by 16" piece of an apple tree on the top rack. The wood didn't burn but smoldered like hot coals until ash it was the perfect flavor. Jaime

I've used a Char-Griller® Professional for over 10 years and this is the best grill anyone could buy. The main reason for this aside from excellent design is the availability of _reasonably priced_ replacement parts. Mark Riederer

Jeff R.

I have owned a Char-Griller® since 2000. I like the grill so much, I built a complete pit for it. 'Nuff said! Jeff R.

I just wanted to drop you all a line and say thanks for being so helpful and putting together bbq equipment that is great for backyards and competitions. Great work! I can't wait to see what you all have for the future. Tony H. - Owner/Pitmaster, Indy Smokehouse Barbeque

I bought a Char-Griller Pro® last summer and loved it. It is the best rig I have ever had.. Rich M. - Brooksville FL

Lucinda M

I have been barbecuing for over 35 years. A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to grill on a friend's Char-Griller® for the first time. I have fallen madly in love with Char-Griller®! If I can master it on the first try and produce a superb meal, anyone can! Later on that evening I volunteered to clean the grill (which was a breeze) and found one of my friend's roosters perched on the grill, basking in the warmth and (I'm sure) the wonderful aroma. Apparently he likes it as much as I because it took several "shoo's" to get him off the grill. Thank you for making a grill with such superb performance and is also easy to use!~The rooster thanks you too!
Lucinda M.

I bought the Super Pro in June of 2005 and I have used over 750 lbs of charcoal with no problems. I love the cast iron grates. And the cooking room is fantastic. I sometimes have to cook for 9 people and I have never run short of cooking space. Thanks for a great product! Wes K.

We just received the replacement cover for our Char-Griller® bbq. We love your products and appreciate the service this company provides to their customers! Diane C. - Costa Mesa, CA

When I saw the assembled grill at Menards, I told the wife - "These people know outdoor cooking!" Dave - Outpost Bar&Grill

Mike K

Here's my picture with my new Outlaw parts...Thanks for your prompt shipping!
Mike K. - MN

I used the other grills my whole life and something never seemed right. The Char-Griller® I bought is perfect. The side box for smoking is a stroke of genius. You have a lifetime customer. The way this grill is made I may only need one for this lifetime. Eddie O. - Northern CA

..I love this grill like a child! I will grill for hours and the food always comes out great! I just love charcoal, and this is by far the best grill I have ever owned. I am just so pleased, I had to write and tell you! Tara Ann M. - NY

Thank you for the support. It is always nice to see companies that consider customer service a priority. I have to say that Char-griller's® customer serivce and product line are top notch and I look forward to continuing to be a customer! Ken B. - Louisville, KY

Bill D

We...really have a good time!
Bill D.

Your grill is the best value in grilling. Shortly after I bought it, I ordered the side box smoker. The grill has performed flawlessly for three years, and I hope for years to come. I used it all winter. Peter G. - Wilmington, DE

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent customer service I received. I do it for a living as well, so I know it when I see it. Great grill, great service and a manufacturer that stands firmly behind their product. Scott L. - Memphis, TN

I have just purchased my second Char-Griller®, the first (Smokin Pro) lasted about eight years and was the best grill I have ever owned. I have grilled and smoked everything you can think of, and your grill has made many many get togethers memorable. I am in the process of seasoning my new grill and am looking forward to many more years of service and great food. David K. - Titusville, FL

Jon C

Thank you, the grills are my life...I love the Outlaw grills! Char-Griller® does the job.
Jon C. - Coalman's BBQ

My Char-Griller® has been one of the best investments I have made in a long time and I am delighted with its performance. David R. - Simcoe County Smokers Team Captain

Just dropping a line to let you know that your grill is the best I have ever purchased..and I have worn out plenty. Just hung the Texas fire box on my four year old Char-Griller® and can't wait for the brisket to come off...your grill can't be beat for doing justice to anything I put on it. My guests marvel at it...I can't give you enough praise. Darryl R. - Springfield, MA

Mike W

Cooking on my grill is often the perfect way to enjoy the end of a long day out in our garden and lawn. I like to cook, but I really look forward to something tasty planned for my Char-Griller®.
Mike W. - MD

I am a customer for life! Kevin D. - Niantic, CT

John S

Siempre Bien Hecho! Just a quick shout to say thanks for a smokin' Father's Day present. I love my grill. It's one of a kind. It is a masterpiece of metal. I appreciate the craftsmanship. Thanks for a great product.
John S. - NJ

Have A Photo Or Story To Share?  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it