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Char-Griller® Policies

Char-Griller® Shipping

We ship to continental U.S. locations, Hawaii and Canada only. All Canadian duties and taxes will be included in shipping.

Char-Griller® shipping rates are calculated based on weight and shipping dimensions and are subject to change. Some of our items are oversized and the shipping charge will reflect that. All shipments, unless specifically denoted, are curb-side shipments. In home delivery is not offered.

We reserve the right to choose which freightway carries your shipment. We do not, however, control the shipping companies. Once a shipment is in the hands of the delivery company, we cannot change shipping addresses, we cannot make a delivery happen on a certain day, and we can only approximate delivery times.

Shipping to Canada may also incur a surcharge on top of normal shipping charges.  Please call for shipping rates and to place order.

Char-Griller® Return Policy

* Customer has the option:

(A) Keep the wrong part and do nothing.

(B) Pay the freight for returning the part ordered in error along with the packing slip at a 15% restocking fee on the price paid, not freight.  Write on packing slips reason for return.

(C) Do not return the part ordered in error or order and pay for the correct part.

(D) Return the part ordered in error (pre-paid freight along with packing slip and note for reason of return) and order and pay for the correct part. Customer can order and pay for the correct part to be shipped immediately and receive full credit when the wrong part is returned by Char-Griller.  (no re-stocking fee for returned part when correct part is ordered)

If the correct part costs less than the original one, the difference will be applied to the new order or credited back to the credit card.

All returns should be sent to:  Char-Griller  3333 Hall Whitley Rd, Tifton, Ga. 31794


Char-Griller® Defective Policy

On any product that is determined to be defective, Char-Griller® reserves the right to replace or repair the product at our discretion.

Secure Shopping Cart:

All purchasing transactions take place over a secure connection.

Sales Tax:

We are required to charge tax on purchases made from Georgia and Washington. The sales tax rate is 7% for Georgia and 10% for Washington.  This amount will be added to your merchandise total and reflected on your credit card charge.